Golf Fore Charity 2012 Tournament
  About Golf Fore charity

GOLF FORE CHARITY is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to holding charity golf tournaments for the purpose of raising more awareness and funding to support the rehabilitation of our seriously injured veterans returned from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Proceeds raised with each Swing Fore Vets golf tournament will be donated to The Wounded Warrior Project!

The Wounded Warrior Project is nationally known for its tireless efforts in providing services and programs to support the needs of our wounded veterans returning from recent wars.

Part of the overall mission of Golf Fore Charity is working closely with nonprofit organizations such as Hire Our Heroes, the Eagle Forge Foundation and Working Warriors, nonprofit organizations committed to working with Corporate America to provide jobs and economic independence to our nations’ heroes.

Golf Fore Charity is truly committed to helping our heroes and offers marketing, sales and business management training positions to veterans desiring to transition into the golf industry.
Board Members
Patrick McKamey:
Dr. Phillip Collaizo:
Mike Belski
Board Member                
Board Member
Dr. Mark Anderson:
John Mordente:
Robert Rodriguez:

Board Member
Board Member

Board Member

Executive Steering Committee
Nola Pearson:
Robert Marley:
Ross Devonport:
Colleen Butler:
Victor Genchi MDl:
Executive Director                           
Financial Director                
Director of Communications
Director of Sponsorships & Promotions
Committee Chair
Chris Kilmurray:
Grant White:
Travis Garner:
Michael Nadal:
Tom Franiuk:

Director of Sales, Miami,Veteran
Volunteer Coordinator, Veteran

Eagle Forge, Hire-A-Vet, Veteran
Director of Marketing,Veteran                     

Tournament Golf Assoc.,Veteran
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